EHRA Recruitment and Selection Forms

Waiver Policy - Attachment A PDF  
Request for Waiver - Attachment A PDF DOC 
Faculty Search Committee Checklist - Attachment B PDF  
Non-Faculty Search Committee Checklist PDF 
Dr. Gonzalez Memo on Writing Job Descriptions - Attachment C PDF  
EHRA Job Description Form – Attachment D Form 1  PDF DOC 
Faculty Print Ad Template PDF  
Affirmative Action Data Request Form - Attachment E PDF DOC 
Reference Consent and Waiver - Attachment F PDF  
Permissible and Impermissible Interview Topics - Attachment G PDF  
Interim Recruitment Report - Attachment H Form 1  PDF DOC 
Flow Form (Attach to Interim Recruitment Report) - Attachment H Form 2 PDF DOC 
Final EHRA Compliance Report - Attachment I Form 3 PDF DOC 
Sample Evaluation Sheet  DOC 

Affirmative Action Data Request Form