Diversity Outreach at Appalachian

The Diversity Celebration

The Diversity Celebration at Appalachian State University is an annual multicultural festival that features performing arts, craft workshops, educational exhibits and ethnic foods by local and regional presenters and artisans. This free event seeks to provide participants with a safe environment for learning about others, while encouraging deeper exploration of differences. In striving to foster an atmosphere that promotes inclusion and collaboration among all sectors of the university and greater community, the Diversity Celebration is a living, breathing entity with a sweet spirit that underscores the institution's commitment to honor diversity in all its aspects.

The Annual Diversity Celebration supports and enhances Appalachian State University's mission of "accepting the responsibility to be actively involved in addressing the educational, economic, cultural, and societal needs of the changing region, state, nation, and world," by providing a venue where diverse perspectives, cultures and values are accepted, appreciated and celebrated. Diversity Celebration Planning Committee members strive to:

  • enhance the appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism through the performing arts, information, and foods,
  • provide hands-on and experiential opportunities for participants to learn more about diversity and multiculturalism,
  • increase awareness and understanding of diverse cultures and backgrounds,
  • use this safe forum as a springboard to seek other opportunities to engage in a deeper level with topics and issues of diversity
  • strengthen the ties between the university and the greater community, acknowledging their interdependence

Established in fall of 2002, the Diversity Celebration Planning Committee is a diverse organization comprised of staff, faculty, students and local community members. Working together in a collaborative effort, committee members provide Appalachian State University and the surrounding communities, Watauga, Ashe, and Avery counties in particular, with an annual festival that is one of the regions cultural jewels.


Diversity Assistants

Diversity Assistants are graduate students whose life experiences provide them with a unique perspective on the value of diversity. A total of five Diversity Assistantships are awarded each year to Appalachian departments or colleges with graduate programs. Diversity Assistants work on projects designed to enhance the environments for diversity and inclusion within these units. Each Diversity Assistant receives a $9000 stipend and a $1000 scholarship. For more information contact Dr. Holly Hirst at hirsthp@appstate.edu.

Diversity Scholars

Diversity Scholars are undergraduate students who are recipients of the university's four-year Diversity Scholarship. Diversity Scholars demonstrate and value academic achievement, exhibit strong leadership skills, engage in implementing positive change, and provide hours of service to diversity initiatives within the university community. Varying widely in educational experience, socioeconomic background, cultural heritage, race and ethnicity, geographic origin, and interpersonal skills, Diversity Scholars embody the inclusive nature and spirit of academic institutions. Go to http://diversityscholars.appstate.edu/