Diversity Education

Diversity and Education Go Hand in Hand

Of all transforming and galvanizing forces, education has the greatest power to enlighten, empower, edify and equalize all members of a society. Appalachian is a dynamic institution. Its continued evolution into the premier university we envision depends on its being a magnet for exceptional, dedicated faculty members, who most fully represent the global society that our students will be entering. Likewise, the university must attract and engage students with increasingly distinguished admissions profiles, young people who come to us with their hands full of gifts, their minds full of questions and possibilities, and their energies applied to higher education as the means to an end of meaningful, contributive life work.

The social, business/economic and moral imperatives supporting diversity have been tried and tested and are now widely acknowledged. Only by infusing diversity and educational quality holistically throughout the academic enterprise can Appalachian State University fulfill its potential as a premier institution.

In an environment where diversity is woven into the fabric of the institution, where respect and understanding of differences are present, and where diversity is interfaced with all other aspects of campus life, Appalachian State University encourages the exploration of values that can't be learned from textbooks alone.