Diversity Education and Outreach

Of all transforming and galvanizing forces, education has the greatest power to enlighten, empower, edify and equalize the members of a society. At Appalachian State University, diversity is recognized as an essential binding agent of the interdisciplinary approach to education, as well as to the greater life experience.

What is diversity?

As human beings, we are revealed and make ourselves known to one another by infinite varieties of intelligence, language, race, values, politics, religion, national service, gender presentation, philosophy and a host of other elements common to humankind. The recognition of a common humanity is the first step in the celebration of our differences, differences that inform our cultures, values, thoughts and actions.

How do diversity and education go hand in hand?

Appalachian is a dynamic institution. Its continued evolution into a premier university calls it to be a magnet for exceptional, dedicated faculty members who most fully represent the global society that today's students will enter. Likewise, the university must attract and engage students with increasingly distinguished admissions profiles. In an institutional culture where the full circle of human qualities is regarded with respect and where the particular gifts of every university community member are dignified by conscious recognition, human beings can thrive. The phrase, "Think globally; act locally," has inspired our national culture to better understand that the world is a multicultural society of which we are a part. The systems of the world - its governments, economies, religions and cultures - are increasingly dependent on interdependence. Differences become strengths in a collaborative effort. Collaboration is a path to peace.